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Paul Weller : 9:30 Club 7-30-13

I confess, I really haven't listened to Paul Weller on a regular basis since the mid-late 90's. His trifecta of great solo albums: "Wild Wood", "Stanley Road" and "Heavy Soul" were some of the better albums of authentic music released in that decade...

After that, he lost me a bit. Things started sounding a bit repetitive, hooks not as strong..
I did give a quick listen to 2010's "Wake up the Nation", liking the title track...

I've always liked some of his Jam songs and a couple of Style Council singles were guilty pleasures....

I recently won tickets to see him at the 9:30 Club in Washington DC. I have never seen him and figured this would be a great opportunity.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sting Pier Six Pavillion Baltimore (some quick thoughts,Pics and vids)

It was a warm and humid evening last night. Just after 8pm Sting and  his band hit the stage to a packed house at Pier Six Pavillion in Baltimore.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ebay sale of the week: Pentax K1000 camera

Digital cameras have really made the old Film cameras obsolete. I haven't used mine since the mid 90's. 
No more developing film, or wondering what your shots look like. (Remember the anticipation of waiting for the 1 hr photo ?!)
 With digital it's all instant gratification!

I got my Pentax K1000 as a gift in 1984, (I think). 
If you ever took a photography class, this was the camera usually recommended. Affordable, fairly easy to use, solidly constructed, etc.

Monday, April 22, 2013

She was only Human on the inside.... R.I.P Christina Amphlett

                                             "Human on the Inside"

Was sad to see that Divinyls lead singer Christina Amphlett succumbed to cancer. I had read she had MS a few years ago. She was a true "rock star" and an 80's icon.

It's a shame that most only remember for one song, that seems like a bit of a novelty hit. The Divinyls had better songs than that.
Guitarist Mark McEntee was Chrissy's main collaborator and partner for the duration of the group's life and they were in a relationship for at least some of that time.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

10 good tunes from the 90's

I prefer melody. The 90's were often lacking in melody. Grunge had the agression but often lacked hooks.

Here are 5 catchy songs from the 90's

Saturday, March 30, 2013

10 Bryan Adams covers #AOR #80s #Prism #Scandal

The name Bryan Adams can inspire eye rolls or snickers from music snobs, but the guy knows how to craft a pop rock song. he really was a master in the "AOR/melodic rock" genre

In the 80's his career took off but his writing career probably started taking off just before that. Of course, most of these songs were co-written with Jim Vallance.

Here are some covers of 10 songs he has written:

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

7 rockin tunes from, yes, REO Speedwagon

It wasn't (and isn't) all ballads.
They had some FM rockers. 

ex-guitarist Gary Richrath wrote a lot of the rockers (but you can  blame him for "Take it on the Run", he wrote that one),,,

I know Kevin Cronin's mugging and stage presence inspires some of the same disdain that people have for Dennis DeYoung singing to a Robot mask,  Doug Fieger's smirk on the cover of "Get the Knack" ; or even today, the smug grin of Marcus Mumford in just about every picture taken of him...

but REO still tours relentlessly and seem to really "bring it" to the classic rock audiences.

I've got a ticket for the show, a strong double bill with their buddies Styx. I look forward to seeing REO for the first time.

Pier Six Pavillion in August

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

new music from older artists-2013

My favorite music tends to be classic rock. It can be mixed bag when these wonderful artists decide to release new music.
Here's 5 new songs from artists that have been around a loong time...

Saturday, February 23, 2013

10 underrated Eagles songs

I recently watched the 3hr "History of the Eagles".

 Of course they have a lot of hits and are arguably the biggest American Rock Band of all-time. Their "Greatest Hits" collection sold over 26 million albums alone!

I like some of their lesser known songs just as much. 

Here are 10 of them

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Vinyl Exam- Lou Reed "New York"

I really didn’t become a fan of Lou Reed until I bought his 1984 release “New Sensations” on cassette. I used to listen to it when I worked at a record store.

His music reminds me of a combination of Iggy Pop and Bob Dylan. It also has some of the electric rawness of Neil Young and Crazy Horse.
The chord progressions are not usually very complicated but the performances are passionate and a lot of importance placed on the lyrics. I don’t listen to him that often. I have to be in the mood. This past Sunday, I was in the mood and listened to some tracks in the car on a cold grey day.

“New York” released in 1989, was to me, his last great album. The whole album paints a grim portrait of the city and really America in general.

Monday, February 18, 2013

5 Lost 80's tunes: Night Ranger Elvis Brothers Cretones

                                   Hear are some old lost 80's tunes I like. 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

5 tunes- Randy Newman, #ASIA, Steve Howe #RUSH, #Fleetwoodmac

Some more random tunes that enter my mind or come thru my radio on SiriusXM

Some upcoming shows of note in the Maryland area

The concert circuit around here right now is almost as bare as the trees are!...

Lets look ahead to upcoming shows of interest.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Vinyl Exam- The Dream Academy (1985)

This cold weather often brings memories of certain albums. The Dream Academy's 1985 self-titled release is one of them. Released in the Fall/into Winter of late 1985 and co-produced by Pink Floyd's David Gilmour. Gilmour had a pretty good track record of helping young talent. He was an early supporter of Kate Bush and bands like Unicorn.

The album is one of those rare ones I enjoy start to finish. It is a quintessential 80's yet some of it's acoustic/folky elements make it it seem timeless.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

10 great Todd Rundgren songs

I confess I was never a Rundgren fan until the mid-to-late 80's. Tall and gangly, he never really seemed cool; his fashion sense was often questionable (and sometimes still is...sorry Todd..)

I never really liked songs the songs I knew by him like "Can We Still Be Friends" and "Hello it's Me". I thought they were wimpy. ..Sounded like a guy begging. As a guy, you want to try to avoid being a beggar. The women might think it's pathetic.
 Of course this was all before I had really experienced and romantic angst and longing...lol
In '85 I did really like "Something to Fall Back on" and in the late 80's a dude I worked with turned me on to a bunch of good Rundgren stuff as well as Utopia stuff. I finally "got it". I also learned of all the great production work he had done.
I would never claim to be a Rundgren expert like some of his dedicated fans are but here are some of his tunes I really dig.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

8 great Dire Straits songs..

I remember really being drawn to Dire Straits when their first album came out. Loved "Sultans of Swing" and then "Down to the Waterline". I remember seeing a video playing at Musicland record store at Golden Ring Mall. They had something called a Video Juke box I think that played promo videos. this was a couple of years before Mtv.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Don Johnson in the new Rolling Stone

Don Johnson? 2013? .
Apparently Don is on a little bit of a roll. 
I'm a fan of "Eastbound and Down" where Don has done a pretty decent job of playing Kenny Powers no good, scheming father.
 He is also in the new movie "Django Unchained".

If you know who he is at all, you remember him as an 80's icon who starred in "Miami Vice", and some b-movies. Maybe you remember his music career (not as bad as you think)..
In the 90's he was actually kind of entertaining in "Nash Bridges".

I was never a "Miami Vice" fan. I had a very active social life at the time was not much of a TV watcher. I always thought Johnson seemed too smug and cocky. Apparently he was. But eventually, people do grow up some. 

The interview with Don Johnson in the latest Rolling Stone is very good and surprisingly deep at times.

In it, he pretty much spouts one of the secret's of life and self-actualization... Examining the search for happiness, self-esteem and more.