Friday, August 16, 2013

5 power pop tunes: Richard X Heyman, #TheBeatles, Pursuit of Happiness, The Romantics, Bill Lloyd

"Talking in Your Sleep" was the "Hit" but this is probably a better rock song. The first song on side 1 of their "In Heat" album.
"Rock You Up". Okay so their lyrics aren't Shakespeare or Robert Browning, etc., but this one has a cool guitar riff and driving beat with strong production. Sounds good in the car with the windows down. Sung by drummer Jimmy Marinos who is no longer with the group.

                   The Romantics "Rock You Up"

The Beatles helped invent "power pop". Using great chord changes like the ones in this tune. This is a McCartney gem. The switch to major chords in the pre-chorus adds some light.

                             The Beatles   "Things We Said Today"

In Richard X Heyman's strong brand of power pop I hear bits of Graham Parker, Tom Petty, the Byrds, Adrian Belew,etc.

"Let it Go"

Bill Lloyd was one half of the successful country duo Foster and Lloyd. His solo work is a power pop revelation. 

                               Bill Lloyd "LisaAnne"

Produced by Todd Rundgren, The Pursuit of Happiness made a small splash with what became an alternative novelty hit, "I'm an Adult Now". I was more partial to the"Utopia-like" 2nd single 
                                         "She's So Young"

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