Saturday, September 28, 2013

5 for today: Hoodoo Gurus , The Pretenders, Golden Earring , #TheWho , Paul McCartney

The Hoodoo Gurus released their most commercial sounding album in 1987. This was a good track from it.

             Hoodoo Gurus "out the Door"

From the Who's 2006 studio album "Endless Wire", their first in 24 years (!). Not bad. Some parts sound like a Pete Townshend solo album. Zak Starkey wasn't available to record the album. i think he would have added some flair but I would say the same if they asked Kenney Jones to participate. This one had a good minor key vibe.

                                                    The Who "It's Not Enough"

At times the Golden Earring catalog can be frustratingly spotty. You have to dig thru each album to find some of the good tracks. This one from 1979 is nothing amazing, but I do like the pre-chorus section with the keyboards.

                                            Golden Earring "Sellin' Out"

Another song from back when Paul could do little wrong..
                             Paul McCartney "Another Day" (live)

    In 1984 the Pretenders covered a relatively obscure R&B tune originally done by the Persuaders. It was quite a step away from the original Pretenders sound.

         The Pretenders "Thin Line Between Love & Hate"


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