Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ebay sale of the week: Pentax K1000 camera

Digital cameras have really made the old Film cameras obsolete. I haven't used mine since the mid 90's. 
No more developing film, or wondering what your shots look like. (Remember the anticipation of waiting for the 1 hr photo ?!)
 With digital it's all instant gratification!

I got my Pentax K1000 as a gift in 1984, (I think). 
If you ever took a photography class, this was the camera usually recommended. Affordable, fairly easy to use, solidly constructed, etc.

I've been meaning to sell it on Ebay or just give to Goodwill for years now. I was hoping to get at least $20.

Happily I got $62 for it. 

Still have to ship it and make sure the buyer is pleased with it...

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