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listening to some tunes to start the day...

When Peter Gabriel left Genesis , most didn't think they would have much success without him. They auditioned singers but none really meshed with the band. 
Drummer Phil Collins asked the other guys if he could have a go at. "Why not?" they thought.
"Trick of the Tail" is an excellent album and the rest is history, as they say.

"Ripples" is a beauty.

                           Genesis Live- "Ripples"

I was listening to SiriusXM Big 80's top 40 countdown this morning. They pick a year from the 80's from and play the Top 40 from this month in that year. They must have picked 1980 today and I heard this song. 
Music is funny. You hear certain songs and they take you back to a different time in your life.This is the kind of song that reminds me of riding the school bus and the bus driver would have the radio on and you might here this tune or Reo Speedwagon or Styx etc.

I read an interview with Don Henley where he said he thinks this song is about him and his relationship with Steve Nicks. He thinks she got pregnant and had an abortion but named their unborn child "Sara"! He said he was building a house at the time, so the line "when you build your house, call me" is about him.

I've also read that Mick Fleetwood thinks it's about him and his clandestine relationship with Steve Nicks! He thinks 'the great Dark Wing" refers to him.

Whatever the story, it's a great song, very dreamlike, wistful and a bit melancholy.

                          Fleetwood Mac "Sara" (live)

1984 "Born in the USA" came out and made Bruce Springsteen an even bigger superstar. He released 6 Top 40 singles from the album in 1984-85. This was not one of them, but it's a great song. One of Bruce's best...
  If you've felt ever felt really down, you can relate to this one... "I had a job, I had a girl, I had something goin mister in this world"...
sometimes life leaves you feeling pretty barren...

He went on to explore this sound further on his next album "Tunnel of Love"

Bruce Springsteen "Downbound Train" (live)

I remember when I was young, the local Rock radio station used to have something called "The all-night album Special". During the week at midnight, they would play an album in it's entirety. On the weekend, they would play like 5 albums in a row in their entirety! This was in the early days of home taping on your cassette deck. I remember staying up late to record albums. I could only afford to buy an album once in a while or wait for Christmas and birthday to get some.

For some reason this song reminds me of those nights. Supertramp's live album, "Paris" was probably one of those albums they played. It's a classic.

Supertramp "Bloody Well Right" (live)

Singer -songwriter Paul Brady has never been well know in this country but his songs have been covered by the likes of Bonnie Raitt and Tina Turner. 

His song "Steel Claw" is a rockin barnburner. Dave Edmunds did a cool version and Tina Turner's features some awesome playing from Jeff Beck. Tina even shouts out "Jeff Beck!" before the solo.
A great tune that sings of the struggle...

           Tina Turner "Steel Claw"

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