Tuesday, September 17, 2013

5 tunes for a chilly Fall night: Joni Mitchell , Ben Orr, Scott Merritt, Frozen Ghost, Gregg Alexander

Fall weather like this always evokes certain feelings in me. Here are some tunes that fit that vibe/slight melancholy I get...

I heard this one on the way home tonight. Forgot about this one. I liked some of Joni's 80's "produced" stuff. This one features David Baerwald from David & David on backing vocals. Joni's husband-at-the-time and bass player, Larry Klein was working with Baerwald at the time. Love the bittersweet lyrics and mood of the music 

" I am not old
I'm told
But I am not young
Oh and nothing can be done"

     Joni Mitchell (w/ David Baerwald) 
                  "Nothing Can Be Done"

In 1986 previously mentioned Larry Klein produced the only solo album from Cars singer-bassist Ben Orr. The production is of it's time but the songs were surprising strong, especially since Ric Ocasek wrote all of the Cars material!  To me this is still the strongest solo release from any Cars member. I saw Ben live in 1995 in a club. He was very good. He graciously signed my "Heartbeat City" cd. His passing was a sad loss of a talented and  charismatic performer.

"..I gave it what I had..."

                            Benjamin Orr "The Lace"

I only know this cd because I got it as a promo. It's not bad. I was looking for the song "Sweet Accident' but couldn't find it posted. He was on the IRS label. Of course, it didn't do anything.

                           Scott Merritt "Radio Home"

I remember getting a promo cassette of this young unknown guy named Gregg Alexander. He combined pop hooks with some alt rock guitars, a little bit of Prince and the polished production by noted producer Rick Nowels. Of course, it got no exposure. Surprisingly, 5 or 6 years later this "band", the New Radicals ,have a huge hit with "You Get What You give". Gregg Alexander had finally hit the big time!

                          Gregg Alexander "Michigan Rain"

The singer from Frozen Ghost had been in the band Sheriff. This band sounded someone like a more commercial version of  "The Fixx". The songs tackled some deeper subject matter and there was a moodiness to the music. They were certainly better than other pop bands of the era like Cutting Crew.

              Frozen Ghost  "Promises"

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