Saturday, April 6, 2013

10 good tunes from the 90's

I prefer melody. The 90's were often lacking in melody. Grunge had the agression but often lacked hooks.

Here are 5 catchy songs from the 90's

                                        Spacehog "Cruel to Be Kind"

 Some damn catchy power pop from the Deal sisters. They are touring this year, playing this album in it's entirety.

                    The Breeders "Divine Hammer"

      This album went completely unnoticed but had a few gems.

Cheap Trick "Didn't Know I Had It"

                Superdrag "Sucked Out"


Summercamp were a fantastic 90's Power Pop group on Madonna's Maverick Label. In a just world, they would have been huge. Their "Pure Juice" cd is one of the best of the decade.

                        Summercamp "Should I walk Away"

The Grays were a Power Pop "supergroup" featuring Producer extraordinaire, Jon Brion, and noted power popper Jason Falkner. They only released one cd that required repeated listening to find a few worthwhile tracks.
                        The Grays "all that you Wanted"

             The aforementioned Jason Falkner, who spent time in the Three O'Clock and Jellyfish.   Jason went solo after his Grays experience.

                       Jason Falkner "Miss Understanding"


Jellyfish's "Spilt Milk" cd is a Power pop masterpiece and one of the better released in the 90's

                             Jellyfish " New Mistake"

If you are a power pop fan, Adam Schmitt is an essential. not a household name but a real genius.
  I should probably do a whole blog on him. huge talent. That he's not revered is a shame. I feel like saying to the masses "You don't deserve his stuff! He's too good for you!"

               Adam Schmitt-  "My Killer"


Okay, so maybe the name wasn't the best choice ( i don't think "Hooters" had achieved it's status as a euphemism for women's breasts quite yet when they came on the scene. thanks Al Bundy!). 

The guys released a good album in 1993 and the masses stayed away.  On that tour,  I saw them play a local club  where they had to compete with the disco music playing in the other half of the club! ridiculous...
 They were still great. They played at floor level, no big stage and they "killed it" as the kids say.

These guys were playing mandolins when Mumford and the other beardy hipsters were still in diapers!

               The Hooters "25 Hours a Day"

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