Monday, October 14, 2013

Feels like a Sunday to me: tunes from The Dream Academy, John Entwistle, Pete Townshend Doobie Brothers

I'm off today, so it feels like Sunday morning to me....

From the Dream Academy's terrific debut. David Gilmour was involved with some of the production.
Wish these folks could have sustained a career. they were good.

                     The Dream Academy "Movin On"

Since I was going to see the Doobie Brothers this week, I've been listening to some back catalog. I confess, I was mostly familiar with the hits and some albums tracks, but by no means an expert on them.
I like this one from the beginning of the crossover from Tom Johnston leaving the band and Michael McDonald becoming the main frontman.

a happy sounding sad song. lol

The Doobie Brothers "Echoes of Love"

Understandably, John Enwistle's writing was always over shadowed by Pete Townshend's, but John wrote some good stuff. His solo career was a bit spotty and you had to look for the strong stuff. Dark humor in much of it...

  John Entwistle "thinking it Over"

"The Best" were an odd conglomeration of famous musicians, a "supergroup" if you will. 
John Entwistle, Keith Emerson, Joe Walsh, Jeff Baxter, Simon Phillips.  
I think they just did one tour of Japan... 

This one is from one of Entwistle's solo albums that Joe Walsh helped produce and play on. (Joe doesn't seem to do much here though..)

                       The Best "Too Late the Hero"

In the 80's, Pete Townshend was changing. his writing style was no longer completely suited to the WHO. 
I was a little young to fully appreciate all of the subject matter, but being an introspective person, I could still relate to the lyrics.

Pete Townshend "Face Dances Pt2"

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