Sunday, January 6, 2013

Don Johnson in the new Rolling Stone

Don Johnson? 2013? .
Apparently Don is on a little bit of a roll. 
I'm a fan of "Eastbound and Down" where Don has done a pretty decent job of playing Kenny Powers no good, scheming father.
 He is also in the new movie "Django Unchained".

If you know who he is at all, you remember him as an 80's icon who starred in "Miami Vice", and some b-movies. Maybe you remember his music career (not as bad as you think)..
In the 90's he was actually kind of entertaining in "Nash Bridges".

I was never a "Miami Vice" fan. I had a very active social life at the time was not much of a TV watcher. I always thought Johnson seemed too smug and cocky. Apparently he was. But eventually, people do grow up some. 

The interview with Don Johnson in the latest Rolling Stone is very good and surprisingly deep at times.

In it, he pretty much spouts one of the secret's of life and self-actualization... Examining the search for happiness, self-esteem and more.

I thought it was worth sharing.

"authentic self".
 Man, it's so easy to lose it. 
How many "authentic" interactions do you have each day? I know I don't have many; sometimes none at all...

If you are lucky, you may be married to a great person you can share your "true self" with, but marriage doesn't guarantee that. Many people are unhappy or just kind of going thru the motions in their marriages. You can say the same for some friendships, etc. 

It's a real challenge to grow as a person, so I say congrats to Don Johnson for his self-awareness.

PS: in the same issue is a great interview/feature on Jimmy Kimmel

PPS, just for the hell of it, some music from Don

                                                   "Can't Take Your Memory"


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  2. Hi Ten's Spot!

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    May I ask you politely for scanning the whole interview and send it to me (via email) or -if possible- to add it to this post?

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  3. Thanks for posting this excerpt. Don's fascinating thoughts were all the inspiration I needed to write an essay for my website:

  4. Yeah well, DJ was on something when he came out with this load of claptrap and his wife did her usual if you read the full interview and that was to make him look like a complete dork under the thumb with her nappy (American language: diaper) reference! It was as if to say yeah well those days are over and you're with me now so let's go buy your SIX YEAR OLD SON some pull up diapers! WTF is that all about? Don -get out of there - she might have money but she's making you look like a total whimp!