Saturday, March 24, 2012

This is one to get! Paul McCartney's "Ram" to be reissued

Very happy to see Paul McCartney's "Ram" getting the deluxe reissue treatment. 
I think it is my favorite solo album of his (well it is credited to Paul & Linda McCartney).
the info from Paul's site: press release

Paul hadn't formed Wings yet. Linda is given co-writng credit on a couple songs. I think her backing vocals actually add to the earthy charm of the record.

With the Beatles breakup still fresh people combed over the album to look for references to the band and specifically John.

It didn't help that on the back cover is a picture of a "beetle" screwing another "beetle"..

Lennon himself took offense to some lyrics on "Too Many People", " 3 Legs"  "The Back Seat Of My Car."
and "Dear Boy". George Harrison and Ringo Starr were said to consider the track "3 Legs" as an attack on them and Lennon ("Three Legs" being McCartney's nickname for his former band-mates).

John "retaliated" on his "Imagine" album with the songs"How Do you Sleep" and to a lesser extent "Crippled Inside". and he also parodied the "Ram" cover by grabbing a pig by the ears in a photo on the inner sleeve.

McCartney himself said 
"I was looking at my second solo album, Ram, the other day and I remember there was one tiny little reference to John in the whole thing. He'd been doing a lot of preaching, and it got up my nose a little bit. In one song, I wrote, 'Too many people preaching practices,' I think is the line. I mean, that was a little dig at John and Yoko. There wasn't anything else on it that was about them. Oh, there was 'You took your lucky break and broke it in two"
Paul McCartney, 1984

That all being said, The album  seems to be a real favorite among some people. I've seen Aimee Mann and the Arc Angels cover "Too Many People", "Uncle Halbert/Admiral Halsey" was recently used in the Ben Stiller movie "Greenberg"


                             "Too Many People"

                                         "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey"


Some of the songs would have been fantastic Beatle songs.

                                           "Dear Boy"


                       "The Back Seat of My Car"

I love the eccentric charm of  
"Monkberry Moon Delight"  
Paul really belts it out. I always thought this one might have been directed at John. "...don't get left behind..."

loooong before the ukulele became trendy...

                           "Ram On"


the bluesy  "3 legs"

                                            "Heart of the Country"

Looking forward to the release. In recent years Paul has played "Ram On" and "Too Many People" live. Maybe he will start bringing back some other great songs from this fine album!

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