Friday, March 30, 2012

5 "Weekend" songs

Well, we made to the weekend. However you're gonna spend it, Enjoy....
Here are 5 "Weekend" songs.

Sammy Hagar post-Montrose/pre-Van Halen era.

                 Sammy Hagar "Rock N' Roll Weekend"

Here's one they used to play on the old WHFS back in the 80's all the time (probably Weasel spinning it)

Dave Edmunds "Here Comes the Weekend"

Canadian band Triumph with their ode to making to the weekend..

                  Triumph "I Live for the Weekend"



Dutch band Golden Earring, after "Radar Love" but before their "Twilight Zone" comeback

Golden Earring "Weekend Love"

Tom Petty, produced by Jeff Lynne
                                      "Big Weekend"

Come on, you thought I was going to take the easy way out and include Loverboy?


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