Sunday, March 18, 2012

"Producer Spotlight" George Martin

Ok, even casual music fans probably know that George Martin was the producer for arguably  the greatest group of all-time, The Beatles.

He and the band broke amazing ground in the world of record making from "Strawberry Fields", "Tommorrow Never Knows", "All You Need is Love' and on and on....


But Martin didn't stop doing good work after the Beatles broke up.

He went on to produce much of the output of the group America

                               "Sister Golden Hair"

His work with Jeff Beck was also considered ground breaking. Fusing rock with jazz, Jeff Beck's solo career reached a high point when Martin produced his iconic  "Blow by Blow" and "Wired" releases.

            "Cause we Ended as Lovers"

                                               "Led Boots"


In 1980 Martin produced confessed Beatle devotees Cheap Trick's "All Shook Up" release. 
It is one of their better albums and the guys still talk about what a cool experience it was working with Martin in various interviews.

They playfully opened the album with the last piano chord from "A Day in the Life"

                                 "Stop This Game"


He also produced the hard rock band UFO in 1980
                                    "Money Money"


In 1981 he produced the Little River Band's very strong  "Time Exposure" album, which may be their  best overall album.
                                        "Full Circle"

                          "the Night Owls"


Martin reunited with Paul McCartney in 1982 to produce one of his best solo albums "Tug of War". You can tell how much Paul really benefited from working with Martin solo and with the Beatles. Without Martin, songs like "Yesterday", "Penny Lane",  and "Eleanor Rigby" would probably would have not reached their full potential.

                       "Tug of War"

Paul's tasteful tribute to John Lennon "Here Today"

the infectious "Take it Away" (Martin is in the video)


Also in 1982 Martin produced one of the finest New Romantic/new wave albums ever; Ultravox's "Quartet"

A must for any fan of early 80's new wave

      "Reap the Wild Wind"



Martin continued to work with McCartney on a few other projects and then gradually tapered off his work schedule. 

If he never works again he has contributed more than enough to the history of pop music!

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