Saturday, March 10, 2012

Producer/engineer spotlight-Rhett Davies

Today I want to spotlight Producer/Engineer Rhett Davies. Probably best known for his work with Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry. Most of his productions feature a lush, esoteric sound to them. He does great recordings. The records have a sophisticated feel to them. Featured below are some examples of his work.



Davies worked with Roxy on their later albums. I honestly prefer those. "Flesh & Blood" is one of the best albums of the 80's. I would bet the Duran guys listened to it many times...

                        Roxy Music "Same Old Scene"


   Wang Chung before the name change and US success (and long before they started making crap like "Everybody Wang chung tonight")...
   Huang Chung "I Never Want to Love you in a half-hearted way"


  Rhett's best known and heralded work is probably Roxy Music's "Avalon" album. 
                             Roxy Music "More Than This"


Rhett engineered the first Dire Straits album with the hit "Sultans of Swing"

                            Dire Straits "Down to the Waterline"


Davies co-produced King Crimson's comeback album "Discipline" with them.
                      King Crimson "Frame by Frame"

                    Talk Talk "My Foolish Friend"

I think Aimee Mann was a fan of his work and asked him to produced Til Tuesday's 2nd album.

                        Til Tuesday "What About Love"


Thanks to Davies, Icehouse's "Measure for Measure" had a Roxy/Ferry-esque feel to it.

                    Icehouse "No Promises"


 Bryan Ferry's 1985 release"Boys and Girls" basically picked up where "Avalon" left off. That is a good thing.

                    Bryan Ferry "Don't Stop the Dance"


Rhett Engineered Robert Palmer's  "Maybe it's Live"
with his quirky version of "Some Guys Have all the Luck"



  1. Rhett Davies! My favorite record engineer!

    1. Thanks for checking it out. He's done some great stuff!