Sunday, March 11, 2012

10 "Friendly" songs

Friends. no not the sitcom... 
The most important people in your life besides your family. Sometimes you are closer to them then some of your family members. Ya need friends in this world. 
Some friendships are based on basic things: a common workplace, a love of sports or music,etc. Some go deeper...


Sometimes it's not a word you like.  Someone you are interested in romantically may tell you they just want to be "friends". Or someone may breakup with you and say they "still want to be friends"

Friendships often need to be maintained to last. Social networking has become a great way to keep in touch with friends. 

Regardless, here are 10 "Friend" songs....

                                                  Eric Johnson "Friends"


 Here's one that used to make me a little sad even back in the day, like I knew that all good things would come to an end...  

"My Friends,My Friends
we never got together again but
I really do miss my friends"

         Eddie Money "My Friends, My Friends"

As you get older I think you appreciate friendship more. You become more vulnerable and realize how tough life is.
 Mick got it right on this one...

                     The Rolling Stones "Waiting on a Friend"

"...But I still want to be friends...." We've  all heard or said it or both... 
Here's one about that 

 "Because lovers never can be
Just devoted friends

(skip to 10:10 to hear) Wang Chung "Devoted Friends"

Here's another one of those "I thought you were my friend..." Most often it is the people you care most about that hurt you the worst...

The Producers "Friendly Fire"

Some days (and nights) can be long...

Tom Petty "Hard to Find a Friend"

This one questions whether your friends are really rooting for you or not...sometimes it's hard to tell!

The Pretenders "You Know Who Your Friends Are"

This one examines the innocence of friendship, especially in childhood.

Pete Townshend "A Friend is a Friend"

From their underrated "Who By Numbers" album. Something you ask yourself in moments of reflection..

 The Who "How Many Friends"

One from Roger Taylor of Queen (who had a couple of their own "Friend" songs) obviously alludes to his friend Freddie, but I think we can all remember "old friends in better times"

Roger Taylor "Old Friends"

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