Saturday, March 24, 2012

Artist Spotlight: The Posies

Out of the Seattle area, but never really a part of the Grunge movement, the Posies were more influenced by the combination of  70's power pop and early 80's alt rock.  
I've always felt they've played down their pop writing skills. Almost like they would try to skew away from being too pop. They probably could have been bigger if they would have played to their strengths as pop writers but maybe they didn't want to be the Gin Blossoms (who I think are great). 

They went on to do a nice job filling in as members of the reunited Big Star.

 This one is from their first Geffen release . Ringo Starr did a good version in 1992 on his "Time Takes Time" album. Of course the title is a play on the famous Beatles song...

                                    "Golden Blunders"

This one might be my favorite one from their 2nd Geffen release "Frosting on the Beater"

                 "Solar Sister" (live in studio)

they are also very adept at doing covers.
They did a great version of 
the Five Stairsteps 70s' classic       
                                    "ooh Child"

They recently did a great cover of the great  Byrds song "Lady Friend"  penned and sung by David Crosby
                                          "Lady Friend"

"Suddenly Mary" was another strong track from their first Geffen album

"Burn and Shine" live in the studio from "Frosting on the Beater"

"Please Return It" from their final Geffen release

 "Precious Moments' was also a strong track from that album. Here's an Acoustic version
                            "Precious Moments " (live acoustic)

Love this. They go from Deep Purple's "Black Night" into the late Chris Bell's (of Big Star)"'I am The Cosmos"!

                                              "Black Night/I Am the Cosmos"

Everybody seems to cover this one from Big Star


I must admit I haven't kept up with the band. I need to try and give their more recent work another listen. I think they started spreading themselves a little thin releasing a lot of solo projects but both Ken and Jon are really talented guys.
I hope they get to the East Coast sometime. Would like to see them live.

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