Saturday, March 3, 2012

10 Steely Dan covers

Most Steely Dan songs aren't easy to play.
 Here are some interesting covers. 
I couldn't find Better Than Ezra's version of "Dirty Work" or Pat Travers version of "Black Friday", two other good ones. 

The Farrelly Brothers must be Steely Dan Fans as they had a number of artists cover Steely Dan songs for their movie "Me Myself and Irene"

Certainly not one of their jazzier songs. I've only discovered this one in the past year. One of their best

Ben Folds Five "Barrytown"


  Tommy Shaw from Styx and Jack Blades from Night Ranger put out a great cd of covers in 2007

                                                  Here's "Dirty Work"


Brian Setzer might seem unlikely to cover Steely Dan, but this one works



 Local Baltimore band ,Hectic Red, do a great job covering SD.

                                                           "Pretzel Logic"

Another one from "Me Myself and Irene" soundtrack

                                                Wilco "Any Major Dude will tell You"

I must admit ,I don't know this one, but Joe Jackson covering Steely Dan makes sense to me

                                               "King of the World"

Here's a weird one. Apparently this band covered the entire "Aja" album! Quite a different take on it...

                                                 The Darcys "Peg"


     Here's one you have to stream, 
Butch Walker & Marvelous 3 "Reelin in the Years"
                           Marvelous 3 -Reelin in the Years

         If you are in the Baltimore/DC/Annapolis area, this tribute band plays around

                                            Technicolor Motor home "My Old School"

                            another one from Technicolor Motor Home

                                           "Don't take me Alive"


The guys will be playing live in Annapolis on May 25th:

                   Rams Head Live Tickets



  1. Folk-ish version of Charlie Freak, from Melbourne, Australia: