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10 great musical guest appearances by Fleetwood Mac members.

There was a time when Fleetwood Mac was the biggest band in the world;. 1977-78.
 They were in demand. They took some time to help out various friends with their albums and it usually resulted in a hit.



 One of Lindsey Buckingham's favorite groups growing up was the folk group the Kingston Trio.
Lindsey became friends with the late John Stewart from the band and helped produce and arrange his comeback album "Bombs Away Dreams Babies".
 Stewart had a Top Ten hit with "Gold". Stevie and Lindsey helped out greatly on it.
 Stevie's harmonies really helped sell the song

Stevie and Lindsey also helped make "Midnight Wind" a minor hit for John.
Stevie really sings her butt off! FMac would go more in this musical direction on their next album "Tusk" Reminds me of the song "Sisters of the Moon" from "Tusk"

                                                             "Midnight Wind"

 I've never a been a big Kenny Loggins fan. Just never really "Rock" enough for me... Even though the lyric is dumb, Stevie adds a sweet charm and sensuality to this one .
 Like all the best women, Stevie always had  that subtle sensuality rather than blatant "sexpot" vibe to her.

                                                     "Whenever I Call You Friend"



  Walter Egan is another that benefited from his friendship with the Fleetwood Mac crew
His "Magnet and Steel" that featured Stevie and Lindsey was a big hit!

                                            "Magnet and Steel"


  Bob Welch was in Fleetwood Mac before Stevie and Lindsey. This song is a remake of a song he did with Fleetwood Mac. The remake became a Top 40 hit and features Christine McVie, Lindsey Buckingham and Mick Fleetwood . Lindsey and Christine also produced the song. Too bad the video is terrible!

                                                         "Sentimental Lady"


 Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers helped Stevie Nicks to solo stardom by giving her and recording "Stop Draggin My Heart Around" with her. This one went on Tom's "Hard Promises" album that same year.



Though they did not appear on the album version, Stevie and Mick Fleetwood turned up at the California Jam 2 in 1978  to help Bob Welch out. Plus Stevie looks really cute here. lol

                                                         "Ebony Eyes" 


 Here's a good one from Todd Sharp. Who is Todd Sharp? Funny you should ask.
His 1986 MCA album was called "Who Am I?". He started off playing in Hall & Oates band at a young age. He went on to play on Mick Fleetwood and Christine McVie's solo albums (he co-wrote a lot of Christine's album)
 I always thought he would have been the perfect choice to be one of Lindsey's replacements in 1987 when he left the band.
 Todd is a good writer,singer and guitarist. He was already friends with the band , but for some reason FM went with Rick Vito instead; a good guitarist but not much of a writer or singer.
Todd went on to play in Rod Stewart's band for a while and then moved on to playing with Delbert McClinton. He is definitely one of my "unsung heroes" of rock n roll. Plus his name is Todd! ha

Here is a duet with Christine McVie from his album

                                                     "We Were Lonely"

Billy Burnette was another friend of Fleetwood Mac who played on Mick Fleetwood and Christine McVie's solo albums. He was asked to join Fleetwood Mac in 1987 when Lindsey Buckingham left. He stayed with them until 1995.Billy went on to play with John Fogerty.

 Here Christine McVie returns the favor on his 1985 solo album, singing " "We Ain't Over" with him.
                                              "We Ain't Over"


 Here Lindsey helps John Stewart out live in 1981. Even wearing a shirt like the Kingston Trio used to wear! John tells a good story of how he became aware of Lindsey and introduces him by saying "I love him like a brother.."

                                           "The Spinnin of the World"



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