Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Original vs Cover: "Just my Imagination" Temptations or Stones?

Starting a new little feature. "Original" vs. "Cover"
which is better?

The original:
          I must admit I knew the cover first. The original is too soft and ethereal for me. It seems like it just kind of drifts into the either. Eddie Kendricks delivery is that of a guy who is wishful and somewhat sad. I find the strings overblown and distracting.

         The Temptations "Just My Imagination"

The cover:

 Included on the Rolling Stones' excellent "Some Girls" album. The boys really give the song a kick. 
Mick's delivery is more defiant than the original.
 The boys add a bit of a country flavor to it. 
Bill Wyman really propels the song along with his bassline. 
I like how they speed up the song towards the end.

         The Rolling Stones "Just My Imagination"


My Winner: the cover!

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