Wednesday, May 23, 2012

When Rockers went "Disco"- 5 respectable examples

Since we just lost two legends of the disco era recently, Disco is kind of back in the news. That made me remember when even rock bands tried to get in on the action and crossover.
 Sometimes it was embarrassing (Rod Stewart "Do you think I'm Sexy", etc.) but sometimes it worked out pretty good. Here are five successful disco songs by rockers tunes that are "good" to even "great".

The Disco beat featured the bass drum playing on all four beats of a measure with the snare drum on the 2 & 4 beats with some opening and closing of the hi-hat cymbal.

These guys were on their way to major success but not quite their yet ("Freeze Frame" would arrive in 1981) . This is a pretty good disco rock song. Seth Justman's keyboard work is very good.

                J Geils band "Come back"

The live version has a little more life to it, but the studio version is the best example of them trying to capture the disco beat. Not a bad song.

                      The Kinks "Superman"

Sometimes it has seemed that Paul didn't spend a lot of time on lyrics. This is one of those songs, but the rubbery bass line is hard to resist.

Paul McCartney & Wings "Goodnight Tonight"

Of course Queen had a massive hit with 

               "Another One Bites the Dust"

The best rock/disco song ever created. They seem to still play it live every show. They tried again with the embarrassing "Emotional Rescue" but could not top this classic.
             The Rolling Stones "Miss You" 12" mix

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