Monday, May 7, 2012

5 "Closer" songs

 Everyday day is an effort to refine your life. Get the "hang" of this life, if you will. "One step forward, two steps back?"

I saw drummer Terry Bozzio play last night with his group that he was in prior to Missing Persons, UK. He is amazing. Here he uses electronic drums and/or programming. I always thought Missing Persons had some thought provoking lyrics. This cd is out-of-print and worth usually at least $40 on Ebay

       Missing Persons "The Closer that you Get"


 I always thought "The Bridge" was half of a really good album. I like the message in this one and having Steve Winwood on organ and backing vocals helps.
   Billy Joel w/Steve Winwood "Getting Closer"

 Produced by Jon Bon Jovi and Danny Kortchmar, this version is a little more polished than the Unplugged. The songs speaks to the alienation and emotional distance a lot of couples experience after years together.

                  Hall and Oates "So Close"

 A "supergroup", if you will. Jimmy Page and Paul Rodgers got the idea to form a band after playing together on the star-studded ARMS tour in late 1983. The material never did quite live up to their former bands but some of the tracks had a good energy.

                                       The Firm "Closer"

A song celebrating those that are able to do work that they like or even love. Taking a chance to pursue a craft that brings meaning to your life, sometimes at the sacrifice of financial gain.

                                         Rush "Closer to the Heart"


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