Tuesday, May 29, 2012

a random roll of five...

random roll of five , 

  Joe Walsh from 1985                             
                      "15 Years"

Aerosmith's new one. I like it, especially what I guess would be considered the pre-chorus. FOr all of the talk of a return to a "70's sound" it is more "Livin' on the Edge" than "Rats in the Cellar" but that's ok!

                        "Legendary Child"

Before they were "Wang Chung" they were "Huang Chung". A little more esoteric. 
 They were produced by Rhett Davies who also produced some great Roxy Music albums. 
"So when you're on your own, remember we're all alone..."

        Huang Chung "Hold Back the Tears"

Previewing the new Joe Walsh album produced by Jeff Lynne has put me in a Jeff Lynne mood.
The cd he made under the ELO name in 2001 "Zoom" was quite good.

                  ELO "Ordinary Dream"

Robert Plant was none too happy when it was announced that his old mate Jimmy Page would be releasing an album with David Coverdale. Plant often referred to Coverdale as "David Coverversion", a nod to the way Whitesnake in the late 80's tried to mine some of the same ground as Zeppelin had done. Released on Geffen and heavy involvement by noted A&R man John Kalodner, the album was not a commercial success and just two years later Plant gave in and reunited with Jimmy Page on the Page/Plant project.
Overall not a bad album. This one sounds like an AOR version of a Smokey Robinson style ballad

Coverdale Page "Take a Look at Yourself"

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