Friday, May 11, 2012

Unsung Heroes of rock-Randy Jackson and Zebra

I like to try and spotlight some talented, maybe not as well known people, "The Unsung Heroes"
 of rock n Roll.

What do you get when you have a guy who can sing like Robert Plant and play guitar like Jimmy Page? You get Randy Jackson. No not THAT Randy Jackson ,dawg (although believe or not he is an unsung hero of rock as well..)

The trio Zebra was formed in the mid-70's. They were finally signed by a major label in 1982. Their songs "Who's behind the Door" and "Tell Me What You Want" became FM staple on AOR stations across the country in 1983. The band released two more major label studio albums and a live album in the 80's before being dropped. They've continued to do sporadic gigs over the years mainly in their home bases of Long Island and New Orleans. They even released a Fourth studio album independently.
Their sound has a Zeppelin influence but they also draw from Prog Rock like Yes and Rush, as well as a bit of the Beatles.
                  Zebra "As I Said Before"

                    Zebra "Better not Call"

                  Zebra "Your Mind is open"

                     "About to Make the Time/Lullaby"

                      "who's Behind the Door"


Randy has written some great songs but he also is incredibly adept at performing covers.
I missed him this week when he performed an acoustic set here locally at Baltimore Soundstage (I had already been to two concerts this week! I gotta get up at 6am for work!) I did hear an interview and acoustic performance he did on a local station that was fantastic. He performed a version of Led Zeppelin's "the Rain Song" and his own"Who's Behind the Door". He mentioned that he is performing in Baltimore with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra in July performing the music of Led Zeppelin. I'm hoping Randy is the main singer for the entire performance. As of now, I'm am planning to attend.

one of my favorite Zep songs
             Randy Jackson "Carouselabmbra"


                 Zep's "The Rain Song"

Randy covering Bowie's "Space Oddity"

 Randy Jackson "Beatles Medley"

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