Friday, May 18, 2012

a quick 5 for the morning...

it's off to work. Happy Friday to you!

Lindsey Buckingham really stretched out on the "Tusk" album, so much that it became a double album.
Here's a rare clip that includes Christine McVie playing some acoustic guitar with Lindsey

                   Fleetwood Mac "Save Me a Place"

Neil Finn has written so many great songs with Split Enz, Crowded House and his own solo work.

     Crowded House "Whispers and Moans"

The Monkees "Headquarters" is one the best pop/rock albums of the 60's. It is the first of their albums that they played most of the instruments on. This was features a nice vocal from the recently departed Davy Jones.

            The Monkees "Forget that Girl"

Marillion was an 80's Prog Rock band that made a bit of turn and never looked back when they replaced their original lead singer Fish. These days they've evolved into something resembling more of an alt-rock band like Radiohead. Not for the better, in my opinion. (sorry guys). This one from 1991 sounds like a cool combo of mixing Prog with U2 style guitar.

                     Marillion "Cover my Eyes"

In late 1983 Asia kicked lead singer John Wetton out of the group. A bold move for a major band. Their second album had come out that year and while it wasn't bad, it wasn't as good as the first album. They went more pop and less Prog. To fill in for Wetton, they got the guy I always thought he sounded like, Greg Lake. Ironically both men had also been lead singer for King Crimson. Lake filled in for Wetton for the "Asia in Asia " Concerts that were a big deal for Mtv at the time. I thought this line-up would have had some good potential to get back to making some more Prog- oriented rock, but it wasn't to be and Wetton returned to the band in 1985 after Steve Howe exited. Of course now days the original band continues to make new music and successfully tour the world.

                   Asia "Eye to Eye" (live 1983)

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