Sunday, May 6, 2012

Squier Classic Vibe 50's Stratocaster- gear deals

The Best Buy near me is closing. They had a nice little instrument section. I paid a visit there yesterday. They had a cool Korg synth there last week on clearance but that was gone. Actually everything was (and is, they close May 12th) on clearance. 

I started looking at guitars and basses. The best deals seemed to be on the Squier line. The "Classic Vibe" series came out a couple of years ago to much acclaim. I tried out a  Stratocaster a couple of years ago and was impressed. The street price then was $279. I've noticed the street price has gone up to $379
Apparently the retail price is $579!

review : 

 The 50's style Strat reminds me of the 1956 Strat Eric Clapton started playing on his first solo album and the Derek and the Dominos album. I think he called it "Brownie" 


Of course, this is some of my favorite music so it's right in my wheelhouse. Best Buy had the $379 tag on it. It was a floor model that I had seen there before. I always thought if it got down in the $250 range I might consider getting it.

I asked the guy if there was anything off. He said it was down to $190! I wanted to play it first so I plugged to a nice Fender amp, dialed in a little reverb and it sounded great. It's got some dings from being a floor model and I notice a slight bit of fret buzz on the high E string but it sounds cool.  The guitar is lightweight (Gibson's are too heavy) and I love lacquered necks. I was sold.

Six months, no financing and I'm out the door. I've got my own "Brownie". lol

They also had the Telecaster model for the same price. Tempting but 1 is good for now. They had some decent Acoustics on sale too. There were some Epiphone's and I was surprised they had a Fender acoustic for $99 that sounded quite good.

Some "Brownie" tracks that I love

                                                   "Blues Power"


"I Looked Away"


                                                               "It's Too Late"

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