Wednesday, May 2, 2012

5 tunes for today's mix...

today's mix... 5 tunes

Probably Tim Finn's best solo album. His brother Neil helps out a lot on it. Mitchell Froom Produced

                      Tim Finn "Crescendo"

More Pop-Prog from Asia. By the end of 1983 lead singer John Wetton had been kicked out of the band! So, they brought in friend and sound-alike Greg Lake for a very brief period. Steve Howe on electric sitar!

             ASIA "Open Your Eyes"


With it's refrain of "it's a mayday, It's a mayday" this one came to mind yesterday.
I remember I used to listen to this song feeling like the oldest 16-17 yr old around. 
A song of weariness and frustration, I was wondering when I might feel some happiness or joy. It didn't  help that I was working a miserable job as a bus boy for $3.35 an hr. (a raise from $2.85/hr!). I was "wishing my life away"  Some good things did eventually show up but I also learned you never really "arrive" to a permanent state of contentment. Life is a series of constant adjustments.

                       Saga "Times Up"

An oldie that reminds of childhood. Still played a lot these days on the radio.(at least on SiriusXM)

               Jim Croce "I Got a Name"

The first video from Neil Young and Crazy Horse's new album 

                            "Oh Susanna"

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