Wednesday, May 30, 2012

7 New albums coming this summer from older acts...

I admit most of my musical taste were formed by the time I was 21. I do occasionally like a new band, but I can't get too excited about a new album by say, Jack White or whoever the latest critics darling is, ie: Alabama Shakes, etc....
I am still interested when a
"heritage" act actually makes the attempt to release "new" material.

I know a lot of people do not feel the same especially if the band in question already has enough "hits". I think Van Halen is a successful example of an older band releasing new music. Their latest cd was a success and I actually was excited to hear some of the new songs in concert. Ok so recent Rolling Stones albums have been extremely spotty. I still at least want to hear what these bands put out.

Here are some forthcoming albums from some old-timers I at least want to hear.

1. Joe Walsh- "Analog Man"
Out June 5th.
I've listened to this one and think it is very good. Produced by Jeff Lynne if ELO and Traveling Wilburys fame. It does have some of Jeff's trademark sounds ( no mistaking his snare drum sound and the lush acoustic guitars) but there is some of the classic Joe with funky talk- box guitar and some greasy slide work as well. The song " Family" is as beautiful as any he's written.
I plan to purchase the deluxe edition from Best Buy with the bonus DVD and the "Joe Walsh for President" T-Shirt!

 Stream it here:

2. Neil Young and Crazy Horse- "Americana"- out June 5th
It's been a little while since Neil teamed up with the CraZy Horse guys. Here the sound is familiar but so is the material . The guys do their versions of traditional American tunes like "oh Susanna" and "This Land is Your Land". Kind of an odd choice for an album but Neil always does what he wants anyway (what happened to the Buffalo Springfield reunion tour?!).

Stream it here: 

3.Spectrum Road- out June 5th

Kind of a "supergroup" featuring bassist/vocalist Jack Bruce of Cream fame, Vernon Reid from Living Colour on guitar, drummer Cindy
Blackmon from Lenny Kravitz's band and John Medeski, one-third of the jam band Medseki Martin & Wood on keyboards.
Formed to play and pay tribute to Tony Williams' Lifetime band, a group Bruce was once a member, They've apparently expanded some and created some of their own material . Seems like it will be in the jazz/rock Fusion genre. I would imagine Reid adds some rock edge to the proceedings. The band is doing some shows in the US this summer.

samples here 

4. Asia "XXX" out in July 3rd.
The title is a Roman numeral reference to the bands 30th anniversary . They seem to be promising a return to the perfect mix of Prog and AOR that their debut combined. I'll believe when I hear it... all bands seem to say "it's our best since____"

 Asia "face on the Bridge"
 Free mp3 download of the song

5.Rush- "Clockwork Angels" out June 11th
Rush falls into the category of bands that really don't need to release any new material . Their last album that I would at least call good/melodic would be 1996's "Test for Echo" and really their last great album was 1984's "Grace Under Pressure". They are another band you often hear the term "return to form" bantered about. But a real return to form would be really involve working with producer Terry Brown again while easing off some of the reverb used on recent stuff. Of course this will never happen....
I did like the song "B2B" released last year and included on the new album. I feel lyrically Peart is still very good but the music is lacking hook-wise. I hope I will be surprised but the first single doesn't do much for me...

                    Rush "Headlong Flight"

 More releases:

6. Squackett- "Life Within a Day" out June 5th
 Steve Hackett of Genesis and GTR fame has teamed up with Chris Squire of YES for this Prog rock project.
                    "Sea of Smiles"
                  "Perfect Love Song"

7. coming in August 28th

Aerosmith "Music From Another Dimension"

The new single, "Legendary Child" sounds like an outtake from 1993's "Get a Grip", not a bad thing..


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