Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Don Felder of the Eagles

When Don Felder joined the Eagles in the mid-70's he definitely added a rock edge to their stuff. He wrote the music to "Hotel California", "Victim of Love" and "Those Shoes".
 The first Eagles album I really got into was "The Long Run". Felder and Joe Walsh had a larger role in the music. Ironically, this shift and the desire for more equal say among members drove Glenn Frey to break up the Eagles. Felder, Walsh, and Timothy B Schmit tried to convince Don Henley to continue the band without Frey, but he passed. As Joe Walsh said in Rolling Stone a couple of years ago "It's Glenn's band and Don helps him run it".
So all of the members went solo.
Felder had some rock radio success with "Takin a Ride on Heavy Metal" (with backing vocals from Henley).
I was excited when Felder finally put out his first (and still only ) solo album "Airborne" .
I received it for Christmas 1983 from some family friends (thank you Smith family :) I also got a 1973 Fender Mustang that Christmas from my Mom. It was a good Christmas! but I digress....

I liked and still like the album. Felder's vocals are a bit Henley-esque. There is some nice talk-box guitar present. The first single was the fun "Bad Girls"
The video starred Cheech and probably a bunch of Playboy models! Good enough for this 17 year old boy!

The track "Haywire" was also played on album rock radio and really captures the mood of being a teenager discovering the other sides of life and lust. I was a senior in high school then so this really hit home. Timothy B. Schmit added backing vocals , so it had the sound of a good Eagles rock track.

"Airborne" is back in print and available thru amazon.com and is probably on ITunes as well.

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