Tuesday, February 21, 2012

obscure band of the day: Powerplay

I've always enjoyed searching through the record store and flea market bargain bins of Lp's. For .50-$1 you can find some little gems. I look for producers names I recognize, band members I might have heard of . Also you can get a feel for what the music might be like from the album cover. How is the band dressed, haircuts(!)etc.
Powerplay's "Avanti" is one such gem. I believe they are Dutch band. They had one album out here in the States. They sound a bit like the Outfield (4 years before they were out), a little bit like some of their fellow Dutchmen Golden Earring's more poppy stuff. The fretless bass player is amazing! Lead singer Jan van der Mey still plays out with a version of the band.!

I was amazed that there is quite a bit of their stuff on YouTube
Here's a few good tracks. 
"Waste of Time"  really sounds like a lost Outfield track

"Love Can Break Your Heart"
"Make it Alone"
 a cool instrumental "Avanti"
still playing! 2011 "Make it Alone"

Here's a link to their website:


  1. Hey how cool!! Here a Dutch Powerplay fan, who filmed the last video on this blog! I saw them play today, they do about 5-6 gigs a year still. And they are still so great!!!
    Check out more video's of Powerplay, also of their gig today at youtube.com/rrijsdijk

    1. thanks for looking at the blog and telling me more about the band!

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