Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Producer/Engineer Spotlight: Peter Coleman

I've decided to feature the work of some of my favorite producers and engineers.
What do they do?
To put it simply, they make the songs you love sound good.
They choose and place microphones. They suggest musical ideas. They add effects like reverb, delay, chorus. They mix all of the instruments and vocals that were recorded on separate tracks into the final stereo (sometimes mono) mix that you play in your car or rock out to on your Iphone/IPod, etc...
They are the "knob Twiddlers". (I know, sounds like a dirty metaphor...)..
...Read the album credits and liner notes, you'll learn alot!

Peter Coleman started as an engineer for the great producer Mike Chapman and then went on to produce artists himself. If you aren't into 80's AOR/melodic rock or new wave you might not like his work, lol test drive a few and see if you like....

 a sample of records he's engineered or produced: 

                                     The Knack: "Baby Talks Dirty"

                                          Pat Benatar "It's a Little Too Late"

                                                     local favs: the Ravyns

   Paul Warren who went on to play with Richard Marx and these days in Rod Stewart's band

                                               Martin Briley's Mtv hit "Salt in My Tears"

                           Danny Wilde solo 1986, still plays in the Rembrandts these days:

  Songwriter Holly Knight's group that included Anton Fig from Letterman's TV band on Drums

                                           Blondie's cover of Jack Lee's
                                          "Hanging on the Telephone"

                                             Nick Gilder's #1 "Hot Child in the City"


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  1. I just discovered Peter while trying to find out who produced Nick Gilder's "Frequency." (I'd guessed it was Earle Mankey.) Pleasantly surprise to find I've been happily listening to his work for years.