Monday, February 27, 2012

RUSH- "Open Secrets" 1987

From 1987; for some Rush-die hards not their favorite period; "too many synths", "guitars not heavy enough", "glossy production", etc..

But there are still some good tracks with great Neil Peart lyrics. As time went on in their career, Neil's lyrics became more personal,  examining deeper thoughts and feelings and, in general, the human condition and our struggles to grow and enjoy life. Some prefer the earlier Rush stuff with more of the fantasy oriented lyrics, but I prefer these type of lyrics. I always find comfort in knowing I'm not the only one grappling with such thoughts and feelings..

                                            "  Closed for my protection
                                                Open to your scorn
                                                Between these two directions
                                                My heart is sometimes torn
                                                I lie awake with my secrets
                                                Spinning around my head
                                                Something that somehow escaped me
                                                Something you shouldn’t have said
                                                 I was looking out the window
                                                 I should have looked at your face instead."

                                                            "Open Secrets"

If you are a fan of Neil's lyrics and thoughts, I would highly recommend you read his book "Ghost Rider", an incredibly open and honest account of his struggle to go on after the deaths of his daughter and his wife.

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