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80's Album spotlight- The Fixx "Phantoms" (1984)

The Fixx were one of my favorite groups in the early 80's . Cy Curnin's lyrics were always deep, examining all aspects of the human condition and Jamie West-Oram's guitar textures were very unique. Their work with producer Rupert Hine is some of the finest work of the early 80's/new wave era.


In the summer of 1984 I started working in a local record store and was very excited that the Fixx had a new album coming out.
Overall the concept of "Phantoms" seemed to exam that underneath our public persona's lurks our real selves. ("Are We Ourselves") Before we know it we can lose ourselves and slip into("Phantom Living".
  Also touched upon are thoughts on larger world views and political situations around the globe.("Lost in Battle Overseas")

Cy's comments on each song on "Phantoms"

         I always took "Lose Face" as a call to stop being self-conscious, lose some inhibition and let some instincts come out. Try to live your life as you truly want to rather than fall in line with other's expectations.
                  Even in dark times, you've got to hold on and look for "rays of hope".
                                                           "Light in the dark, gives me hope"
                                                             "Sunshine in the Shade"

                     Cy's comments seem to indicate a larger world view on this one, but I always saw it on a personal level. "Facing the Wind", going against the grain. The struggle to push on and hold on to your values and ideals in the modern world...  
"Just give me something to hold on
A piece of the world that won't go wrong
Is there somebody there I can talk to?
Somebody sharing the same view?"

                                         the 'hit" single. "Are we Ourselves?" Do you get to live your life as the real you or just as some form of a persona you've had to create? The pressures of work, school, family, friends, enemies,etc can cause you to retreat into yourself and cause you to put up your defense mechanisms....


                                "Phantom Living" closes the record.
To me, again it touches on losing real self and being coming a "phantom" a public person you have to use to adapt. Once again Jamie West-Oram compressed, chiming guitars really shine.

  "I lose myself with a distance in my mind, Throwing out deception emplanted, steals my time"


"Phantoms seems to be currently out-of-print and a little pricey to purchase

A great site for some Fixx rarities


The guys are still active and are in the process of recording a new cd "Beautiful Friction"

Keep up with the band here:             

and on Twitter: @FixxOnline                      


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