Monday, November 19, 2012

Vinyl Exam- Big Bam Boo "Fun Faith and Fairplay"

One of the benefits of working at a record store or a record distributor was getting free albums (or in this case , cassettes).

Big Bam Boo's "Fun Faith and Fairplay" was one such item I procured.

Released in 1989, an era when Crowded House had just hit it big; & The Proclaimers were starting to make some noise. These two guys are in that vein. They probably deserved a better fate...

                                        "Fell off a Mountain"

                                       "Shooting From My Heart"

                                                  "if You Could See Me Now"

                               This one reminds me of Adrian Belew (and the Bears)
                                   "what's bigger than Life"

The guys appear to be still be involved with music

"Shark" does an interesting, cool version of
 Peter Gabriel's "Don't Give Up"

Looks like he's stayed busy :

Simon Tedd is now "Simon Scardanelli" (his given name maybe?)

I plan to try and catch up on the work of these guys.

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