Saturday, November 10, 2012

5 tunes: BOC, Novo Combo, THE WHO...

5 tunes I really like. Hope you do too..

It was the 80's, the era of "Thriller" and new wave. BOC tried to adapt. This song is a respectable attempt at a hit single. Sung by Buck Dharma, who sang their more melodic songs/hits, it features a drum machine,sax, and even Randy "Dawg" Jackson" slappin the bass"! (yes, before he was on American Idol, he was a ROCK session man playing bass for Taxxi, Journey and Jon Bon Jovi).

Lyrically, the song sounds like a guy trying to cope with a breakup. when you try to rid yourself of the addiction of that other person. I would guess "Shooting shark" is referring to a constellation that maybe can only be seen periodically on certain nights? The "Three times I've seen the Shooting shark lighting up the sky" probably refers to the passage of time . Weeks, months?, etc...

Ironically, the lyrics were written by a woman, punk pioneer Patti Smith.
Buck Dharma explains: 

"interviewer: Select a few lesser known BOC songs that you would urge people to rediscover.

Dharma: Of my tunes, I'm partial to "Shooting Shark", which is a Patti Smith lyric.
When I wrote "Shooting Shark" I hadn't seen Patti in seven, eight years, after she left Allen and married Fred "Sonic" Smith. I came across the typewritten sheet and went, "Wow, this has been here all along." So I created the music from the words. There wasn't actually much direct interaction."

I always liked the song and it always reminds me of this time of year. Cold, crisp nights; cold beer, and tryin to stay warm.

          Blue Oyster Cult "Shooting Shark" 

The Who are out touring playing the great "Quadrophenia" in it's entirety. One of their best albums, certainly better than "Tommy". Guys probably relate more to it, with the theme of the pressures of being a teen and trying to find your footing and identity in a competitive world.
"You only became what we made you..."

I still love it and think it is one of the greatest albums of all-time.

                   The WHO "The Punk and the Godfather"

From 1986, a song examining the challenge of loving and believing in your country when you disagree with some of the actions and policies of it's government..No matter what "side" you are on these days, we can all identify...

                              Jackson Browne "For America" (live 1986)

For a guy considered "acerbic", he could write as honest and tender a ballad as anyone; capturing the human condition of longing and loneliness..

                             Warren Zevon "Searching For a Heart"

Novo Combo was a group formed in the early 80's. Michael Shrieve was Santana's first drummer  when he was 18, Peter Hewlitt was a noted session vocalist, bass player Stephen Dees went on to work with Pat Travers. 
Guitarist Jack Griffith wrote and sing this one. You can hear a bit of the Police in their sound. unfortunately, they called it quits after two albums.  Still not out on CD or for digital download!

                       Novo Combo "Axis Will Turn"

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