Saturday, November 10, 2012

5 good Roger Daltrey solo songs

Roger always seemed the most aggressive and macho member of the WHO, so it would seem a little strange that his early solo career started with him covering Leo Sayer songs..
 Having said that, Roger has done some underrated solo albums over the years.

Here's 5 good tunes from him

This one was a previously unreleased song until it was released on a solo compilation. It is probably from the 90's? maybe even early 2000's?
 I think it is a very good song. Great lyrics and sound.

                                   "A Second Out"

Pete Townshend wrote this one as a reaction to Live Aid. Another great Pete lyric. You get older past your prime, but still have some flame of hunger and desire...
Features some of the guys from Big Country and Robbie McIntosh from the Pretenders.

                                   'After the Fire"

In 1980 Roger Daltrey starred in the British movie "McVicar" . He also performed the soundtrack. This one was written by long time Who associate Billy Nichols. the song has a certain sadness and solitude to it. A simple plea..

                           "Without Your Love"

The Title track from Roger's 1983 album

                              "Parting Should Be Painless"

Roger's 1992 album "Rocks in the Head" was a very good pop/rock release. Deserved a better fate.

This one is a "seize the day", YOLO, etc...

                                     "Unforgettable Opera"

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