Sunday, November 4, 2012

Some Mid Atlantic/Baltimore bands of the 80's...

Attending a reunion last night of some local Baltimore bands from the 80's triggered some memories of the music of these bands....

The Ravyns were the headliner. Their claim to fame was having the song "Raised on the Radio" on the "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" soundtrack (I think it plays when Judge Reinhold is washing his car?) but they had a lot of good songs. They released an album on a division of MCA produced by Peter Coleman (the Knack, Pat Benatar, Danny Wilde) but while it did great locally here in Baltimore it didn't catch fire elsewhere. 

                      The Ravyns "Second Hand" (live 1983)

The opening band last night featured the bass player/vocalist from the Pennsylvania group "the Sharks". The band is called the Luv Gods and they sounded great doing some old Sharks' tunes and excellent cover choices.

                              The Sharks " On My Own"

Long out of print

In a Black and White World cassette rip ?

Backs Against the Wall vinyl rip

Growing up Different rose from the ashes of "Face Dancer" who did release two fine albums on the Capitol label in the early 80's (one of which is available as an import cd). GUD were definitely more in the new wave/Roxy/Duran/Ultravox vein.
They released a cool EP in 1985. The guys later went back to playing with Face Dancer.

            Growing Up Different "watching in the Moonlight"

A+B=C vinyl rip

I don't know much about "the Gents". They had this song on a local compilation and I thought it was a great pop rock tune, sort of a Michael Stanley Band meets Night Ranger sound.

                    The Gents "I Can't Take It"

Bootcamp was another band that played all around the Maryland area. Amazingly, they had some videos played in the early days of Mtv because there really weren't that many promo videos out yet in those days. Lead singer/bassist Tim Camp plays around the mid-Atlantic area as "Slim Man"

                           Bootcamp "fire in the Hole"

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