Sunday, April 29, 2012

today's random mix : 5 tunes

Today's random mix

I was ripping some cd's lately and then throwing them away (media is dying!). I came across Julian Lennon's second album. I had liked his first album "Valotte" produced by Phil Ramone. I thought it had a maturity beyond his years. ..

He second album sounds like he didn't spend a lot of time writing the songs and image-wise I think the record company couldn't decide how to market him. Also, his voice often sounds thin and starts to wear on you after awhile; but this one wasn't to bad and had a pretty good sound considering the era.

Julian Lennon "Stick Around"


This one from Eric's first solo album reminds me a lot of Badfinger and gets some play on SiriusXM. This one is ripe for a remake!

                                                  Eric Clapton "Easy Now'


On the Arista label,  "Stealin Horses" was released in 1988.  Produced by noted producer Greg Ladanyi. Neil Young even a guested on a song.

Interesting read on the group here by one of it's members:

   Stealin Horses "Gotta Get a Letter"



 One more from of Clapton's early albums. He has always been more than just a "Guitar Hero"

                   Eric Clapton "Let it Grow"


I won some tickets to see the Go-Go's next week. I always thought this one was pretty catchy with a good beat. I hope they play it.

              The Go-Go's "Head Over Heels"


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