Friday, April 27, 2012

5 Rock Instrumentals

Instrumentals are a mixed bag. Some aren't too bad, but most of the time aren't you really wanting a nice vocal melody over top of it?

I do enjoy some work by Joe Satriani; and I am a huge Eric Johnson fan, but a lot of his work includes his very good vocals. Jeff Beck is a master who has also often used vocalist...

Rush's "YYZ" might be the king of all rock instrumentals.

Here are 5 that came to mind today.

This one is a bit an excuse to give the drummer a solo but I still kind of like the dopey simple main riff and it kind of set the standard followed later by John Bonham's "Moby Dick"

                         Cream "Toad"

Here is Led Zeppelin's "Moby Dick", a great riff leads into Bonham soloing

       Led Zeppelin "Moby Dick"


Just heard this on the way home on Sirius. Don't think I'd heard it before. I had certainly heard of the band. It featured the late Mike Bloomfield and Elvin Bishop on guitars. Quite a tour-De-force

  Paul Butterfield Blues Band "East West"


As a teenager I remember buying the Foreigner "Double Vision" LP at Korvettes for $3.99. I always thought this was a pretty cool instrumental. I never skipped this one on the album. I let it play.

 Ian McDonald had a prog rock background, being a one time member of King Crimson. A definite Prog influence on this one.

             Foreigner "Tramontane"

I heard a different track from their "High and Dry" album today. 

This one is quite good as instrumentals go

             Def Leppard "Switch 625"

more to come.....

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