Friday, April 27, 2012

Label Spotlight-Rock Candy Records

 On occasion, I want to shine a light on some great record labels. 
 Today we take a look at the Rock Candy Records label.

I'm assuming they've named their label after the classic Montrose song. They are a UK based label specializing in reissuing classic and obscure 70's & 80's AOR

If you are outside of the UK, you are looking at paying around $20 a cd but that does include shipping.

This week I ordered the 1985 debut album by
"Phantom,Rocker and Slick" featuring two members of the Stray Cats teamed with noted guitarist Earl Slick who played with John Lennon David Bowie and John Waite among others. This is the first time it has ever been issued on cd.

Speaking of John Waite, they offer his excellent solo debut,"Ignition"; a must own for fans of 80's AOR. 

They also have reissues of Waite's band The Babys.

The aforementioned Montrose debut is also available thru the label.

Kansas' two great AOR releases with singer John Elefante, "Vinyl Confessions" and "Desperate Measures", are offered .

A Survivor fan? They offer pretty much the whole catalog. I am more of a Dave Bickler-era fan and "Premonition" is my favorite from the band 

although "Caught in the Game" is also very strong.

They carry the two previously hard to find solo releases,"Greg Lake"& "Manouvres", from Greg Lake of ELP. In the early 80's Lake went in a more streamlined AOR direction enlisting rock guitarist Gary Moore to assist in the proceedings.

If you are a Boston completest ,Rock Candy offers Barry Goudreau's solo album featuring Brad Delp and Fran Cosmo on vocals, kind of a "lost" Boston album made while the group was mired in litigation. It did fracture Goudreau's relationship with Tom Scholz and he was let go from the band. 

He went on to form "Orion the Hunter"with Cosmo. Their 1984 release is available thru the label.

Billy Squier's excellent solo debut "Tale of the Tape" has been reissued. The song "The Big Beat" has taken on a life of it's own.

the group Candy put out one album in 1985. The group featured singer Kyle Vincent and guitarist Gilby Clarke who later joined Guns n Roses. 
Jimmy Ienner who produced the Raspberries produced.


Look for other reissues from Ted Nugent, Baltimore's Face Dancer, Gamma and Rick Springfield.

One criticism would be they don't offer digital downloads on their site and I don't think they offer them thru ITunes or Amazon, at least here in the US. I think digital downloads are now part of the successful business model for any music distribution. 

Also surprised I don't see them on Twitter or Facebook.  Social media is the best free advertising around! People don't want to visit a bunch of different sites for information. If you show up in their news feeds they see your wares right away.  

Check em out here:

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