Saturday, October 18, 2014

Seconds and minutes...5 songs: Human League, U2, The Outfield, John Mellencamp, Don Henley

Heard this one on Sirius today. The Human League had a few really good deeper cuts (also check out "louise" and "life on Your Own").
 Phil Oakley has a great voice and I think really sings with honesty and conviction.

Human League "Seconds"


        Pretty much every song on "War" is a winner. 
      The Edge shares lead vocals with Bono on this one.
                                                   U2 "Seconds"(live)



  Yes, we still constantly hear the ubiquitous "Your Love", but these guys had some other decent songs....
Producer/Engineer William Wittman had a recognizable sound.
He also worked with The Fixx,  Patty Smyth and Scandal, The Hooters and more.

                                          The Outfield "61 Seconds"

 I admit, as a person that was a big John Cougar Mellencamp fan in the 80's, I've been disappointed as he has been moving away from Rock into Folk and Americana styles of writing and performing, but I've realized he's older and it's his choice... He's probably not going back to the "Crash boom bam" anytime soon. 
Upon acceptance, his new album has some very thoughtful lyrics and gentle tunes running thru it. 
He often performs older hits in this style(with mixed results). Here's a 2014 performance of  an old fan favorite/album cut from the "Scarecrow" days. The song does lend itself to the folky arrangement

                              John Mellencamp Live 2014
                     "Minutes To Memories"


In this song, the protagonist has loved and lost; won and been defeated..but ,the song has hope.... Just as things can go bad in a "new york minute", things can turn around for you just as fast. You have to hang in and be open to new opportunity....

                           Don Henley "New York Minute"
                 (live 1994 with the Eagles)

The Eagles - New York Minute by 0Ztaylovic0

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