Saturday, October 4, 2014

"Do these songs sound alike?" Aerosmith "Jaded", John Hiatt "My Baby Blue"

 There has always been litigious activity when it comes to songwriting. There are only so many chords and notes..

I tend to notice when songs have the same chords or melodies, etc.

So these songs are in different keys but the chord progressions are the same to my ears. Not complete throughout, but there are enough similarities. The "Jaded" chorus goes from A-F#m-C#m-D
"My Baby Blue" goes from F-Dm-Am-C
 When transposed to the other key, the progressions are the same. Those who know theory could explain better (Major to relative Minor to ?, etc..)

The Aerosmith song came out first. Hiatt's song came out in 2003. I think it is entirely possible John Hiatt heard this song and unconscionably "borrowed" from it.

Even taking the "my baby blue" from the chorus of "Jaded"! He seems to take the chord progression from the chorus as well and use it for the verses and choruses of his song.

You be the judge:

                                  Aerosmith "Jaded"

                                            John Hiatt "My Baby Blue"

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