Monday, October 29, 2012

more random tunes, new and old...

Great story about how Pete had to call up Dave Wakeling to ask him what the tuning was for this song. When Wakeling tells it, he couldn't believe Pete called him! He was in shock. 
A real cool version on Pete's "Deep End Live" cd and Video

Pete Townshend "Save it for Later"

Lowell George was really part of that 70's California sound with Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, Warren Zevon, etc.
As the leader of Little Feat, they achieved some success but were never quite as popular as some of those other folks. 
This is from his only solo album. I believe he had left Little Feat and was touring on his own when this came out and he unfortunately passed away at 34.

            Lowell George "Twenty Million Things"

Neil Young and Crazy Horse have just released their SECOND album of this year (they released "Americana" in June) . This one is of original material and the songs fit in well with the Neil and Crazy Horse catalog.

    Neil Young and Crazy Horse "Walk Like a Giant"

Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora has just released his third solo album. This one is pretty eclectic. i hear the influence of Jimi hendrix, Stephen Stills, and on this track more modern groups like the Foo Fighters. The music is less calculated than a lot of Bon Jovi's stuff. Shame this album won't really get a chance. I think it had only sol about 5K copies in it's first week or two.

                            Richie Sambora "Nowdays"

Some of the Aerosmith ballads are not bad. Overtime they seem to grow old, but I usually kinda like em intially. (except (I don't wanna miss a Thing"). Anybody who's ever had a breakup can usually relate to ballads like this. regrets, lost opportuniteies, etc....

I could easily see the Eagles, Poco or some other country rock outfit performing this.

               Aerosmith "What Could Have Been Love"

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