Sunday, June 15, 2014

Are the EELS Steve Perry's oddest collaboration?

So Steve Perry has emerged from laying low to perform live for the first time in 19 years.
It seems strange that he has befriended a not so well known alt-rock band to do it.

They are certainly not in the same genre as Journey/Perry (arena rock/AOR)

But this is not Steve's first odd pairing...

He guested on novelty rock act "Barnes and Barnes" album. (remember their Mtv hit "Fish heads")

Steve sings some backing/harmony vocals on 

                      "Don't you Want to go to the Moon"

In another odd pairing, Steve also sang some vocals with Clannad.

                                      "white Fool"

More in line with the Journey sound was Steve's Duet with Kenny Loggins back in 1981. Probably the most rockin thing Kenny Loggins has every recorded.  No "yacht Rock" here.
Produced by Neal Geraldo from Pat Benatar's band, this was one was kind of a precursor to Journey's "Escape" (melodic rock sound with edgy guitars) Neil really rips on guitar as well.

                                                "Don't Fight It"


Steve with the "We are the World" folks.


               various takes    "We are the World"