Saturday, October 5, 2013

tuneage for today: BTO , Marshall Crenshaw , Jeff Beck , Bob Dylan , Lindsey Buckingham

Heard this one on Sirius today. Catchy, almost as catchy as "You Ain't Seen Nothin Yet". Definitely trying to use that formula here. I think somebody could have a pop hit with it today.

               Bachman Turner Overdrive 
              "Down to the Line"

The previous BTO song brought to mind the chord progression of this tune. Wonder if Marshall was a BTO fan? lol

                        Marshall Crenshaw "Mary Anne"

Lindsey Buckingham's 2nd solo release "Go Insane" was quite ambitious. Not a big hit on the charts, he did go back to Fleetwood Mac for the very similar  (maybe too similar) sounding "Tango in the Night". 
This one is for the late Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys who had died the previous year.
 The Beach Boys were and are a huge influence on Lindsey.

Lindsey Buckingham "D.W. Suite"
an>D.W. Suite by Lindsey Buckingham on Grooveshark

to me the last great Bob Dylan album. "oh Mercy" was produced by Daniel Lanois.

Bob Dylan "Shooting Star"

Shooting Star by Bob Dylan on Grooveshark
Lord willing, I'm going to see Jeff Beck tonight. this is one in his set. An Amazing cover of the Beatles "A Day in the Life"
                  Jeff Beck "A Day in the Life"

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