Monday, October 28, 2013

5 random 80's tunes Lou Reed, Greg Kihn, The Rembrandts, The Knack, The Producers

I enjoyed a lot of Lou's 80's stuff. Fernando Saunders really added a lot on fretless bass

                    Lou Reed "I Remember You" 1986

Phil and Danny from the first and probably best Rembrandts album

        The Rembrandts "If Not For Misery" 1990

A great opening track from the Producers previously unreleased album "Coelacanth". Finally released in 2001. For some reason the Boston Red Sox come to mind with those beards!LOL

 The Producers "Primitive Man" -1987

In 1979 the Knack came on strong. Maybe too strong creating some backlash. But their first 2 albums are pure power pop classics..

"if you let her, though, she will break your ego and your heart..."   oh yeah....

                               The Knack
 "That's What the Little Girls Do"   

                      More Power pop, from the Greg Kihn Band

                      Greg Kihn Band- "Valerie" live 1981

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