Saturday, September 21, 2013

another 5 songs: Grace Slick Shadowfax, Mickey Thomas, PM, Quarterflash

Grace Slick released a solo album in 1984 that didn't really do anything. By summer she was back on another successful Jefferson Starship. In some ways this album kind of helped contribute to the downfall of the Jefferson Starship/Starship.  Austrian synth wiz Peter Wolf did the arrangements on this album and participated heavily on the next Jefferson Starship album "Nuclear Furniture". This "new" direction was not to Paul Kantner's liking and he left the band shortly after the album's release. The band still toured that summer as "Jefferson" Starship. Kantner successfully sued to stop the band from using the name and they became simply "Starship". Their next released involved Wolf even more and the sound was more of a commercial pop sound. While successful on the charts, the band lost most of any "rock" credibility it had left. Funny how things happen.

The track actually features some insightful lyrics examining the differences between cultures set to a catchy melody. 

'twist their little minds while they're still young..."

        Grace Slick "Call it Right, Call it Wrong"

Quarterflash had their success in the early 80's as Mtv rose to prominence. They were a likeable melodic rock band. By 1985' s"Back into Blue" the fame was over for them. They must have soldiered on (two of the main members were married to each other) because they released an album in 1991.  I believe it was an import only release. Believe or not they have a new album coming out this month (!)

Quarterflash "something More"

 Mickey Thomas star rose when he joined Jefferson Starship in 1979. This solo album was released in 1981 on a different label than the band was on. It got no publicity or airplay. The sound is different that the rock oriented stuff he was doing with Jefferson Starship. The album was produced by Bill Szymczyk who is best known for producing the Eagles biggest albums and at the time had just produced the Who. The title track was a catchy ballad written by Jules Shear. It wasn't posted on youTube so I uploaded to YT.

Mickey Thomas "Alive Alone"

Shadowfax were on the New Age label Windham Hill. They were different in that they had some vocals and guitar. If you sped this track up it wouldn't sound unlike something from STING or the Police.

                Shadowfax "What Goes Around"

PM were and 80's  band lead by Peter Mayer. This album was released on the WB. Sheryl Crow sings some backing vocals on the album. This track was a bonus on the CD and cassette. It is mor uptempo then most of the rest of the album. It reminds me a bit of "the Police meets Mr Mister".

PM- "I Live in a Hole"

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