Monday, May 20, 2013

random 5 tunes- #Badfinger Dreams So Real #PinkFloyd #ZZTop #PaulMcCartney

Badfinger were such a great group. Shame they never got the level of fame they deserved. Sadly 3 of the 4 members are now deceased, 2 by suicide...
                                                         Badfinger "Take it All"

 The band Dreams So Real covered Badfinger on their 1990 release.
                                   "Day After Day"

Saw ZZ Top last night. They didn't do this one, but still a real cool show...

                                             ZZ Top "Doubleback"

I thought this one was a great song from "The Division Bell'. The guitar is very reminiscent of the territory The Edge explores.

                   Pink Floyd "Take it Back"

Paul did this one for a charity album where the artist all covered Elvis tunes

                               Paul McCartney "It's Now or Never"

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