Tuesday, March 12, 2013

new music from older artists-2013

My favorite music tends to be classic rock. It can be mixed bag when these wonderful artists decide to release new music.
Here's 5 new songs from artists that have been around a loong time...

Deep Purple is releasing a new album this year. This one sounds a little lighter than what they are known for but still pretty good.

                 Deep Purple "All the Time in the World"

David Bowie's new album is getting rave reviews. What I've listened to reminds me a bit of his "Scary Monsters" era stuff and that's a good thing. 
I do hate the album cover.  I don't get it. Just a twist on the "Heroes" cover? It's almost like saying "you remember how great I am? Buy this. It's just as good!" It seems gimmicky, sorry..
But the music does sound good.

                          David Bowie "Stars are out Tonight"

Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson have reunited for an EP to benefit their guitarist Slim Dunlap. Dunlap suffered a stroke and needs help with his medical bills.

A couple of the tunes are covers, this one is apparently a Gordon Lightfoot tune,

The Replacements "I'm Not Sayin'"

Bon Jovi has a new album coming out. It seems their music has gone more in a Springsteen- meets-U2 vein. Non-offensive, mildly pleasant,it doesn't always hold up to repeated listenings. 
I couldn't name or hum you one tune from any of his albums in the past 10-12 years (except the very good "Have a Nice day" album)

Here's a "workingman's plight" tune
                          Bon Jovi "What's Left of Me" (live)

Justin Hayward has been a member and predominant songwriter of the Moody Blues for over 45 years. They are still being snubbed by the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. I know sometimes his/their music may come across as saccharin or overly sentimental but I think his intentions are pure and honest. That makes a difference. 
While the group hasn't put out anything new in years, Justin just released a new solo album with some pleasant material on it. He is even touring solo. I wouldn't mind seeing him but the tickets are $85 + fees!

     Justin Hayward "In Your Blue Eyes"

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