Tuesday, March 26, 2013

7 rockin tunes from, yes, REO Speedwagon

It wasn't (and isn't) all ballads.
They had some FM rockers. 

ex-guitarist Gary Richrath wrote a lot of the rockers (but you can  blame him for "Take it on the Run", he wrote that one),,,

I know Kevin Cronin's mugging and stage presence inspires some of the same disdain that people have for Dennis DeYoung singing to a Robot mask,  Doug Fieger's smirk on the cover of "Get the Knack" ; or even today, the smug grin of Marcus Mumford in just about every picture taken of him...

but REO still tours relentlessly and seem to really "bring it" to the classic rock audiences.

I've got a ticket for the show, a strong double bill with their buddies Styx. I look forward to seeing REO for the first time.

Pier Six Pavillion in August

I heard this one tonight on SiriusXM. One of their best songs. Sung by Bruce Hall.

                    "Back on the Road Again" (live 2010)

           "Say You Love Me or Say Goodnight"
                              Live 1979

                                       "Only The Strong Survive"

               "Follow My Head or Follow My Heart"


                                     "Golden Country" (live)

                "Keep Pushin"(live)

                             "Ridin the Storm Out" (live 1981)

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