Saturday, March 30, 2013

10 Bryan Adams covers #AOR #80s #Prism #Scandal

The name Bryan Adams can inspire eye rolls or snickers from music snobs, but the guy knows how to craft a pop rock song. he really was a master in the "AOR/melodic rock" genre

In the 80's his career took off but his writing career probably started taking off just before that. Of course, most of these songs were co-written with Jim Vallance.

Here are some covers of 10 songs he has written:

                                                   Scandal "Win Some Lose Some'


                    Nantucket "Hidin from love"

                 Ian Lloyd "Straight From the Heart"


                Roger Daltrey "Let me Down Easy"


             Tina Turner "Back Where You Started"


  Fast Forward (Ian Lloyd lead vocal) -"Tonite"



                       Prism "Don't Let Him Know"


                       Loverboy "Jump"

                               Rod Stewart "Another Heartache"

                                           Uriah Heep "lonely Nights"


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