Saturday, February 9, 2013

Some upcoming shows of note in the Maryland area

The concert circuit around here right now is almost as bare as the trees are!...

Lets look ahead to upcoming shows of interest.

If you are a comedy fan, there are some shows you may be interested in.
Next Sat , the 16th, Larry the Cable Guy comes to Baltimore for 2 shows. Larry's stuff is pretty light hearted and most of it is appropriate for the whole family.

If you lean more to the sarcastic and snarky, Joel McHale from "The Soup" and the NBC Comedy "Community" brings his stand up stylings to Towson University on 2/24. Tickets go on sale Monday the 11th.

Jon Stewart brings his brand of humor, heavy on political satire, to the Meyerhoff on March 1st. The show 8pm sold out very quickly showing Baltimore is not just a blue collar town. There are a lot of left leaning intellectuals who were thrilled that he was coming to town .haha
A 10pm show has been added and tickets are still available.

Moving onto music shows, Vintage Trouble is a new act that is really beginning to grab some attention. They are opening for the Who on there current tour and squeezing in some headling dates in-between. They have also recently performed on Conan, Leno and Letterman, picking up new fans with each appearance.

They come to the Howard Theatre in DC on March 2nd. Tickets are reasonably priced but it is a late show starting at 11:30pm. If it was earlier I would definitely head down there. The band while new has a retro sound mixing rock n soul. What if James Brown fronted the Black Crowes? or Otis Redding sang lead for the Faces? They might sound like Vintage Trouble!

Spring brings Fleetwood Mac to the Verizon Center April 9th. I won some upper level tickets to this show but not sure if I will go. I saw them in 2009 and the show was very polished and professional, but I'm not sure how much different this tour/show will be. The tickets are very expensive. I think acts like this are so rich that they really have no idea what the common man and woman can afford.

Rush brings their "Clockwork Angels" tour back to the area on May 7th to the First Mariner Arena. I saw them in September and they were great. The setlist is not for those looking for the Greatest Hits. I hope you like the new album because they play most of it in the 2nd half of the show with a string section. Once I heard it live, I gained a greater appreciation for the album. I was fortunate enough to win tickets for this show and look forward to attending.

Fans of Sting and his work with the Police will be thrilled that STING is finally visiting Pier Six Pavillion in Baltimore on June 12th! (I don't think he has ever played here solo or with the Police?).
This is a continuation of his "Back to The Bass" tour. He has a streamlined band and focuses on the well known versions of his solo and Police hits. I saw him in DC in 2011, fans won't be dissapointed. I was able to score some good pavillion seats. I think only Lawn seats are available at this time, unless you want to buy the VIP seats for $300 each .

VIP seats

Moving a little deeper into the summer, The annual Dundalk Heritage Fair brings a few older national acts to the main stage. Saturday,June 29th the headline act is Three Dog Night. They has a ton of top 40 hits in the 70's. They were a bit of an anomaly with THREE lead singers. Disagreements have reduced them to two lead singers, Danny Hutton and Cory Wells. Admission to the fair is usual cheap (like 5 bucks) and the shows are General admission. I'm sure the guys still put on a good show.

The next night brings the Jefferson Starship to the main stage. That name brings to mind a few different sounds as the band had a few distinct eras. This lineup only features Paul Kantner and David Frieberg from the classic 70's-80's lineups. (Drummer Donny Baldwin was in the mid-late 80's of the band and also when it became just Starship). Grace Slick is retired from the band, Marty Balin left the band in 2008 and Mickey Thomas tours with his more pop/AOR version of Starship. Confused?
I'm not sure what they sound like these days...

I'll be sure to post info on more shows as we get closer to summer.

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